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If you read our article Should I drive for Uber or Lyft? you already know that Lyft is a driver friendly company, Lyft drivers tend to be paid a higher rate than Uber drivers and have acces to perks and discounts with the Accelerate driver program . Sign-up, become a Lyft Driver and claim your bonus with our promo code, it's easy by following a few easy steps!

Lyft Referral Best promo code Fort-Myers Florida

Lyft Requirements: How to become a Lyft driver?

A checklist of applicant and vehicle requirements for Florida State

Document Requirements

  • Driver's license

  • Florida vehicle insurance

  • Vehicle registration

  • Driver photo

Vehicle Requirements

  • 2006 or newer:

    • Bradenton
    • Jacksonville
    • Miami
    • Naples
    • Orlando
    • Port Charlotte
    • Sarasota
    • Tampa
  • 2002 or newer: All other cities

  • 4 doors

  • 5-8 seats, including the driver's

  • Lyft Sign-up

    First Step

    To receive your Lyft sign up bonus: After reading the simple instructions below, sign up for Lyft and create your Lyft account. Fill up the form with your mobile phone number and agree to Lyft’s Terms of Service.

    Second Step (The Most Important Step)

    You will be redirected to another form in a page .

    To receive your bonus, it is essential you fill this form correctly.

    Fill up the form with:

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email

    • City You'll drive

    • Enter referral details" and fill in with this code :

    Like this...

    Lyft Driver Sign-up Step 1
    Lyft Best Sign-up Bonus Step 2

    Lyft Sign-up

    Step 3: Driver Information

    You need to fill in the form with all required documents (Legal First Name, Legal Last Name, Birthdate, Social Security number, Driver's Licence Card Number, Residential Adress).

    Like this...

    Lyft Sign-up Bonus Step 3
    Lyft Sign-up Bonus Step 4

    Lyft Sign-up

    Lyft Background Check

    Lyft background check is very similar to Postmates Background Check. Lyft want to ensure that every driver in their company provides safe rides for riders. Drivers are screened for both criminal offenses and driving incidents

    + Lyft Background Check


    Step 4: Vehicle Inspection

    It's a mandatory step to become a driver. You can check all Vehicle Requirements

    Like this...

    Lyft Sign-up Bonus Step 3

    Drive with Lyft in Fort Myers

    Lyft Fort Myers coverage area map

    Whether you're talking about ridesharing or delivery driving with Postmates or Uber Eats, Fort Myers It is one of the new markets in the United States. The one in which drivers are most needed and where the sign up bonuses and pay are higher. Lyft recently increased in Fort Myers the sign up bonus, prime rides and guaranteed pay if you keep a 90% accept rate.

    Lyft promotions in the Fort Myers area apply to the following cities: Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Fort Myers.

    Our Lyft promo code offers people who use it the best available credit/bonus at any given time.

    Lyft Fort Myers Coverage map

    Lyft Fort Myers

    Explore more...

    Sometimes print is better

    We like to provide the best resources to support rideshare driver.

    If you want you can download my flyer... Lyft Driver Sign-up Bonus

    If you want you can download my flyer... Lyft Driver & Car requirements

    Lyft new driver Promotion

    Sign up now and drive with Lyft

    In conclusion you don't need experience to work with Lyft. It's a flexible job, you can earn money on your own terms. You will work as an independent contractors. Don't forget our referral driver promo code FLORIDACODE. It will give you the best sign on bonus in your area. Remember: Lyft driver promo code is not retroactive.

    Lyft sign up bonus
    lyft driver bonus promo code

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    Lyft Driver Sign-up Bonus Express Faq

    +What is the Lyft driver promo code?

    It's an easy way to increase your earnings. It's a Lyft promotion for new drivers.

    lyft driver bonus

    You can find more details about Lyft Promotions on Lyft Help Center Website

    + What is the difference between Lyft Driver Invite Code, Promo Code, Referral Code or Promotional Link for My Lyft Driver Sign up Bonus?

    Lyft Driver Invite Code, Lyft Promo Code, Lyft Referral Code all mean the same thing.

    Lyft gives the possibility to all active drivers to create a referral code that is unique and assigned to their account. When you refer to a new driver, enter and receive a bonus.

    Thanks to Lyft driver app or your Lyft Account Website you can easily share your Driver Referral Promo Code via email with all your contacts. You can also share the Driver Referral Promo Code on social networks like Facebook. Lyft give also the opportunity to customize your Driver Referral Promo Code

    + How can I customize my Lyft Driver Promo Code?

    You can customize it through your Lyft Account Website or through your Lyft Driver App.

    If you want to use your Lyft Driver App:

    • Login in your App

    • Go on Dashbord

    • Driver Referral

    • You can Now Manage and customize all your Lyft Driver Code

    How to customize Lyft Referral Code
    How to customize Lyft Referral Code
    How to customize Lyft Referral Code
    +How to use the Lyft driver promo code?

    To be eligible for the new driver promotion you need to enter the code FLORIDACODE at the time you start your application. Otherwise, you won't be eligible for the new driver promotion.

    +Is Lyft driver promo code retroactive?

    No. To be eligible for the new driver promotion you need to enter the 'Promo/Referral' FLORIDACODE in the 'Promo/Referral' code space when you start your application. Otherwise, you won't be eligible for the new driver promotion.

    +How much is the Lyft sign up bonus?

    Lyft is looking for drivers and offers a sign up bonus to New Drivers (Referees) in the Lyft platform if they use a referral code from an Existing Driver (Referer) at sign up. Lyft unlike Postmates no longer lists the sign up bonus amount anywhere. Lyft sign up bonus can range from $20 to $4,400. This can be confusing. Here are the essential things you need to know:

    • In order to get your Lyft sign up bonus you have to be referred by a Existing Driver (Referer)
    • When you click on the Lyft referral link an amount will appear. That is the amount for the city of the Existing Driver.
      • If the new driver is in the same city of the Referer, this bonus amount will be paid
      • If the new driver is in another city, you will get the bonus amount offered by Lyft in your city.
    • Once you applied the referral code, and be approved as Lyft driver, for every completed ride, Lyft will pay you a percentage of your sign up bonus in your weekly pay .

    Here is an examle to make it clear:

    • A new driver sign up for Lyft with a referral link from an existing driver in San Francisco. The bonus amount in San Francisco is $1,000 *
    • The new driver sign up from Austin. The bonus amount that Lyft offers in Austin is $500 *
    • The new driver will receive a sign up bonus $500

    Summary: Lyft sign up bonus and ride requirements for new driver promotion are location/time dependent and are subject to Lyft’s discretion. Bonus amounts vary by city and state, depending on when and where, your bonus will vary.

    * Note: These amounts do not reflect actual bonus amounts offered by Lyft in those cities.

    +In which cities is the Lyft promotion new driver sign on bonus available?

    You can use our Lyft driver promo code in all the cities in which Lyft is available

    Lyft Driver Sign up Bonus
    +How long does it take to be approved by Lyft?

    It can take from 3 to 10 days. You will need to pass a backgroud check . Check all the driver and vehicle requirements

    +Where can I check my application status?

    Log in to our application site to see your application status.

    +Can Lyft drivers drive in other cities

    Yes, you can drive in other cities but only within your State.

    + In which cities of Florida can you use a Lyft referral promo code to be eligible for a sign up bonus?
    +Does Lyft Pay for Gas?

    Lyft driver are independent contractors, they are responsible for their own vehicle maintenance and for fuel expenses. We are not providing tax advice, but if you want you can take a deduction for the business use of your vehicle. Whether you're rideshare drivers or for your personal interest, have a look at our definitive guide on how to earn more and find cheap gas

    +Why Drive for Lyft?

    We are an Happy community of Lyft Drivers... We found a lot of good reasons to drive for Lyft instead Uber .

    With Lyft you can work in your own schedule and cash out instantly

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    Increase Your Earnings

    After you've signed up as a lyft driver, learn how to maximize your earnings and work as delivery driver when rideshare is slow. Check our best Postmates referral code and get a sign up bonus up to $1,000* or Uber Eats Invite Code.

    Lyft Promo Code Credit For New Rider

    If you are new to the Lyft platform, you may be interested in the new Lyft promotion. New riders can receive a credit bonus of up to $50* chek our Lyft referral promo code

    *The bonus is location/time dependent. Depending on when and where, your bonus will vary.

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